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My new iPhone wallpaper <3

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Yeorobun, North Face Photoshoot (edited) featuring Daesung with BIG BANG!


(via daesungimnida)

Ask me anything Sat, Jul. 30, 2011
takeoffandtaxi Asked:
finding your blog just made my day. ♥

and your message just made MY day <3

Photo Post Mon, Jul. 25, 2011 17 notes

Couldn&#8217;t resist gif-ing this. Who can blame me.

Couldn’t resist gif-ing this. Who can blame me.

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Except your face, everything is perfect!

Except your face, everything is perfect!

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Let’s talk.

I’m not going to bitchmoanrant about this, it’s not worth my time.

Don’t repost my stuff unless you give credit. The reblog button is there for a reason.

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So… what have I been doing lately?

Nothing much.

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Dedicated to Daesung

and his glorious hair-shakes.


New name is from one of my favourite Big Bang songs. And fits with my preoccupation with space or sky-related names ^^

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so adorable omg

so adorable omg

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how to sleep on ok taecyeon’s arm

1. Check surroundings are clear

2. Make sure he’s asleep

3. Do some ninja rolling moves, put head on arm.

Mission accomplished.

Nah he was just trollin

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I miss Daesung…

.. so here’s a gif of him writing his name with his butt.

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the yoo jae suk party express

Departing from the jail every Monday

Taking the scenic route through rural French villages

Making all the local workers jealous

The party doesn’t stop until the Yoo Jaesuk Express runs out of steam…

which, by the way, NEVER HAPPENS.

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